Todays Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median salary for a physical therapy assistant was $49,600 as of May 2010, with some earning more and some earning less.

The top 10% of earners had wages that exceeded $60,000 annually and the lowest 10% had wages that fell slightly below $31,000. However, there are several factors that can affect physical therapy assistant salary and wages which can include but is not limited to education, employment setting and professional licenses and certifications.

Role of Education and Experience Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

Physical Therapy assistant Salary

The majority of states will require that the physical therapy assistant possess at least a minimum of an associate degree. While this is the most common degree program for the physical therapy assistant, also referred to as a PTA, there are bachelor degree programs available.

Those that have a bachelor degree in physical therapy assisting may earn slightly more than those with the traditional associate degree. Most employers do not require anything beyond the associate degree. Clinical experience will also account for some of the trends in salary. As a general rule of thumb, those with more experience will earn more.

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Almost every state and territory in the United States requires some type of license to practice as a physical therapy assistant. This involves graduating from an approved program and taking and successfully passing a national exam.

However, some states may also require that the graduate also take an additional exam provided by that state. Although there are a few areas that may not require these credentials, it does not mean that the majority of employers within that region will not. In addition, PTA salaries may be higher for those that possess these credentials in comparison to the PTA who does not in these areas.

Employment Setting

Last but not least, physical therapy assistant salary will also vary depending on the specific employer and the setting. PTA’s are employed in several different health care settings which can include hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient physical therapy centers and even home health agencies.

An excellent source of pay structure for PTAs can be found here ..

The setting can play a significant role on salary, which will also vary from one state territory to the next and demands. For example, if an area is experiencing a shortage of physical therapy professionals for the aging population, skilled nursing facilities may offer higher wages as an incentive to attract and retain these services in that particular area.

Latest Information On Occupational Therapist Salary

Issues regarding jobs, especially in the National Health Service (NHS), are addressed by the Agenda for Change. Occupational therapist salary for those starting their career as health professionals at NHS usually begin at Band 5, through Band 6 (occupational therapist specialist), and finally Band 7 (occupational therapist advanced).

Occupational Therapist Salary Pay Scales

However, to progress from one pay scale to another, staffs need to demonstrate their ability to effectively apply the necessary/required knowledge and skills. While salaries in local governments may be at similar levels, there can be some significant variations.

In addition, although NHS entry-level positions may be available, this field has become increasingly more competitive in the recent past. Applicants will have to be more flexible regarding the geographical area they are willing to work.

Occupational therapists are charged with the responsibility of treating patients with illnesses, injuries, or disabilities via the therapeutic use of daily activities. Not only do they help patients recover, but also develop and improve the necessary skills needed for daily working and living.

Occupational therapist salary is roughly $34.77 per hour, which translates to $ 72, 320 per year. In their work environment, they held about 108,800 jobs in the year 2010. 48 percent of occupational therapists had worked in offices of either physical, occupational, or speech therapists and audiologist/hospitals. A good number worked in schools, home health services, and nursing homes.

Occupational Therapist Programs

Properly planned and executed individualized occupational therapy programs can help patients develop, restore, or maintain their inherent ability to perform daily activities. It also teaches patients skills and techniques on how to use adaptive equipment while participating in activities.

Moreover, it studies, evaluates, and makes entries regarding patients’ activities, including progress. It requires a bachelor’s degree and a certification as an occupational therapist. You also have to be familiar with standard procedures, concepts, and practices that exist within a particular field.

Occupational Therapist Salary

An occupational therapist relies on experience and judgment to plan and achieve goals while performing a variety of tasks. Sometimes, a certain degree of latitude and creativity is required. The average working hours are roughly 35-37.5 per week. This can only be realized with full-time occupational therapists working 9-5, and Monday through Friday.

Regardless, there are quite a number of posts especially in mental health community services, accidents, acute hospitals, and private practice and emergency services, where working in the evenings and weekends is more common. Moreover, part-time and other flexible work arrangements including career breaks are all possible. Some areas of work, however, may be quite stressful, requiring physical and mental strength.

Latest Information On Speech Pathologist Salary

We all need to be able to use proper sound enunciation, proper intonation and tone as well as comprehension of what is heard in order to respond correctly and in kind. People with problems in any of these areas are considered to have speech disorders. The professional tasked with the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders is known as speech pathologist or speech-language pathologist.

Fantasic Careers In Heathcare

Being speech pathologist is one of the most rewarding careers because of job satisfaction and good pay. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a hiring boom for speech pathologists with about 28,000 new job openings before the end of the year 2020. This means that speech pathologist salary will always increase. For those interested in pursuing this career, the information about salary is vital.

Like all other careers, the salary attracted by speech pathologist depends on a variety of factors. The most important ones are the state in which the professional is employed, the level of experience, the place of work as well as the level of training. A speech pathologist can work in homes, schools and health facilities (hospitals, doctors’ offices and private clinics among others).

Speech Pathologist Salary Best States

According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the higher paying states when it comes to speech-language pathologists include New York and Mississippi, each paying 17% higher than average at $104, 000 per annum and Virgin Islands and Washington DC, each paying 14% higher than average at $101, 000 per annum.

The lower paying states had speech pathologist salaries of as much as 29 percent lower the national average at just $ 63, 000 per annum.

According to, the highest paid speech-language pathologist as of December 26 was collecting a whopping $135, 000 per year. These are speech-language pathologists CCC. On the other hand the lowest paid professional in this field as of December 26 is speech pathologist PRN taking home on average $ 17,000 per annum.

The median salary of these professionals today is $ 83, 000 per year, which are 36% higher than the nationwide salaries for all other job postings.

Speech Pathologist Salary

As can be seen from this discussion, speech pathologist is a well paying job that ranks higher than most other careers. Although the entry level is master’s degree, the compensation is worth it not only in the United Stated, but also in other countries. It is a career worth pursuing. If you are interested, you now have the information to help you make an informed choice using speech pathologist salary, incase you have not yet decided .

Latest On Physical Therapist Salary

A physical therapist’s role is to assist patients in regaining mobility, increasing strength, relieving pain, and correcting or improving injury-related impairments or disabling conditions.

They also determine realistic goals, evaluate clients’ physical capabilities, assign exercises, design individualized therapy programs, and provide advice on general mobility and exercises. And over the course of treatment, they are at hand to evaluate patient progress and make any necessary modifications.

These professionals (most of who hold Master’s degrees although a Bachelor’s degree should suffice) may work in conjunction with other professionals such as physicians in not only the design, but the implementation of effective therapy programs.

Physical Therapist Salary

Aranges between $56,000 and $84,000 depending on one’s talent and experience with the median per annum being about $78,600. On a state by state basis, Alaska offers physical therapist’s the highest compensation which is set to about $87,410 while those in the profession can expect the highest salaries in technical, professional, and scientific services.

Generally, physical therapists tend to rake in the most when working in the following industries:
Support, Administrative, and Waste Management Services where professionals make up to $83,410 per annum.Scientific, Professional, and Technical Services- $82,840Management of Enterprises and Companies- $82,120Social Assistance and Health Care- $78,380Other Services (other than Public Administration)- $78,380Public Administration- $75,450

Conversely, they earn less when working in the following industries:
Educational Services- $68,870Recreation, Entertainment, and Arts- $73,000Public Administration- $75,450Other Services (other than Public Administration)- $78,380Social Assistance and Health Care- $78,380Management of Enterprises and Companies- $82,120

Physical Therapist Salary

Future outlook

Overall, physical therapist career prospects have been positive for the last decade with vacancies increasing by 26.12% across America (an average growth of 4.35% per annum) since 2004.

And the good news is that demand for physical therapists is expected to rise even higher with an anticipated 62,000 new jobs filled (an increase of 4.26%) over the next 5 years. Currently, the states with the highest number of registered physical therapists include:
California- 14,860New York with- 13,740Texas with- 11,870Florida- 11,070Pennsylvania- 9,160Illinois- 8,130Michigan- 6,940

Conversely, those with the least number of filled positions where professionals could decide to venture include:
District of Columbia- 360Alaska- 430Wyoming- 430North Dakota- 540Delaware- 590South Dakota- 590Vermont- 610


Physical therapists combine medicine, science, and humanitarianism to teach their clients/patients how to aid themselves. And owing to the fragile emotional state of most people they deal with, they must be caring and compassionate when working with others.

They must also be in good shape physically since moving and lifting people and heavy objects are part of the job. Besides the monetary rewards, a career in physical therapy provides the satisfaction that comes with helping individuals make progress on their road to recovery.